The story

I always wanted to tell stories and I believed for a long time that the most realistic way (best way) to do it would be to become a journalist. I wanted to travel and meet people that would later become the subject of my articles.

While studying in college, I started writing and I began collaborating with blogs. I discovered what interested me was to lead interviews and to draft portraits while writing. I particularly found interesting to understand people’s journeys. I believe that Montreal has something to do with it since I met a lot of people from around the world. On the other hand, the Internet has also enabled me to have wonderful meetings. The Internet is magic.

I pursued my university studies in Communications and then told myself that it was time to go for the big trip. I, then, went for 4 months; first in Morocco and then in Tunisia. It was a trip I wanted to do for many reasons; one would be to learn more about my culture.

When I came back to Montreal, I returned to my ordinary life but I had the idea. It wasn’t fully developed but it was always in my head. Then, during my morning jog, the idea became a project. It’s crazy what a simple jog can do! I wanted to show the know-how of artisans, tell their story on an online platform supported by texts and videos. Boutique Binetna was born.

Finally, this boutique is a combination of all my dreams in one project. I can now tell stories, document my encounters, learn more about those cultures and discover what I learned in my blog articles.

And also meet you all during my spontaneous “souk” events.
Enjoy your visit!


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