Maleke of Camelia Scent

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Maleke of Camelia Scent

Before creating Camellia Scent, Maleke worked in a variety of fields including the viticultural, medical and retail sectors. It was during his position as a chemical engineer for a perfume company that Maleke wanted to start a project. So she develops her own fragrances with delicate notes and creates her line of candles.

With Camélia Scent, Maleke revisits the elements of the Tunisian culture such as hammered copper, bassinet, chechia, jasmine, green tea … She finds it important to encourage craftsmen since the metal work is a know-how that is part of an integral part of Tunisian culture. Maleke collaborates with artisans to create candle pots. These pieces have a second utility since they are reused as decorative objects. Thanks to her involvement in the community, she participates in several exhibitions highlighting Tunisian craftsmanship.

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Artisans, Tunisia