Binetna Interview : Nesrine, the dreamy creative

Binetna Interview : Nesrine, the dreamy creative


Nesrine has a soft spot for timeless pieces. She is always seeking for simplicity in her designs. Tunisian-born and living in Montreal, Nesrine finds that both of her cultures are sources of inspiration in her pieces for Atelier Hlow.

Where is your favorite creative spot in Montreal?
I’m still looking for that creative spot. But for now, you can find me in my room; I’m a premium member of the stay home club. And it’s all good.



How do you occupy yourself, between working and designing?
These days, I like spending my free time looking for vintage finds in the Bazars of Montreal. And my all-time favorite weekend activity is recharging my battery by spending quality time with myself either at home or outside, but always with my notebook in which I write down my thoughts and new ideas.


Your favorite Tunisian dish?
I love how simple the Tunisian dishes are, it is all about the quality of the ingredients. But how can I choose just one dish! In winter, I love lablebi and during summer, I love a good kafteji. Hit me up if you know a great place where to get a real kafteji in Montreal!



You wish to…
I wish to become the image of my own imagination. I wish I can try every single project I wrote down in my notebook without being afraid of failing.



If you haven’t seen her beautiful pieces under the name Atelier Hlow, it’s time! 🍬
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