Nesrine, Atelier Hlow

Nesrine is a young Montrealer of Tunisian descent who lived for a long time between Montreal and Tunis. It was in 2010 that she finally settled in Quebec’s metropolitan city of Montreal. She studied visual arts and new technologies and she has BAC in industrial design. During her school career, Nesrine saw her vision of design and crafts evolve and began to explore different horizons.

She had a deep desire to combine multiple cultures in her work. One summer, she had the idea to create Atelier Hlow. the brand’s creations have been a way of bridging her origins and her adopted culture. By incorporating Arab-Islamic art in her illustrations, she creates contemporary pieces, very “hlow” with a touch of North Africa. In the future, Nesrine wants to collaborate with artisans to explore the marriage of design and craftsmanship to create durable, colorful and historic pieces.

Mourad, Kémia

Native of Tunis, Mourad moved to Montreal for his studies. He follows a program in political science, and decides to return to Tunisia for about seven years. Yet he did not stay indefinitely. When he returns, he makes Montreal his new home. With a lot of ideas in mind and the desire to start projects, Mourad starts and creates an agency in writing and advertising. As time goes, his ideas are moving more and more towards a field he is familiar with, the food sector.

As a refined gourmet, Mourad notes a flagrant lack of products from North African cuisine on the market, especially fine products. He dreams of seeing on the grocery shelves, one day, his little jars. At first, Mourad creates Maghrebia, the bakery behind the famous Berber bread. Then, the logical next step was Kémia. Since this summer, Mourad makes you discover the best that the Tunisian food has to offer. Ready to discover?