Binetna Interview : Mona, the designer tied to her culture

Binetna Interview : Mona, the designer tied to her culture


Mona is a very passionate young designer. It has been almost three years that she launched and created Le Bazar. Through her professional experiences and her penchant for furniture, Mona explores several elements of Tunisian culture.

How would you define your creations?
Everyday objects, functional, design and upscale with a touch of my culture. My creations are for men and women between 18 to 60 who like unique and original pieces. The creations signed Le Bazar are not only everyday objects, they also recall Tunisian cultural elements such as calligraphy, Arab-Muslim architecture, artisanal fabric, Berber motifs …



What is your method of work?
I am working with new techniques such as laser cutting on wood and digital printing on fabric. I also rethink and revisit some objects from the North African heritage.



Where do you spend your time creating?
My workshop

What are you currently working on?
I have many creative projects and I am creating new things. To be continued…



If we were to visit Sfax, which places do you recommend?
The medina is the place I prefer, it’s where I go for inspiration. It’s a must to visit. Also, take the time to discover the architecture and crafts of the city.

Find here her first items. More of her pieces will be added soon. 📒