Binetna Interview : The bubbly Amira

Binetna Interview : The bubbly Amira


What does LilouMisou mean?
These are the nicknames of my children: Lilou is for my daughter Rym and Mirou and Sousou are for Amir and Youssef, my two boys.



Where do you get your inspiration?
I love to walk in the Medina of our beautiful Tunisia to admire the architecture, the gates, the arches of the old city. I am also inspired by our old clothes and our “houli” (ancient jewels).



Where do you get this passion for crafts?

My family has always had a passion for DIY and manual work. My grandmother used to sew, but also weave from scraps of fabric. She initiated me unwittingly.

And then, I like our traditions, our clothes, our sums. After my studies, I did research to create objects that mix the influence of my grandmother and my culture.



Do you have a precious jewelry that you can not part with?
Yes. My first jewel. I exposed it once. Afterward, I kept it … I will pass it to my daughter one day.



What is your favorite Tunisian expression?
Mahleeeh! which means: How beautiful!



Go see her fabulous jewels!