Binetna Interview : The simplicity of Maleke

Binetna Interview : The simplicity of Maleke

Always looking for challenges, Maleke likes to embark on new projects. It is undoubtedly her entrepreneurial sense that pushed her to quit her job to dedicate herself entirely to her project, Camélia Scent. With her sense of flair, she creates delicate perfumes and combines Tunisian art to her creations.

From all the scents you have created, what is your favorite?
My favorite is the white musk because it is soft, light and refined, which suits me.

To what do you associate Neroli, Vanilla & Jasmine scent?
Neroli is orange blossom, Tunisia’s symbolic flower, a flower distilled in the region of Cap Bon. Vanilla is a “gourmet” fragrance and jasmine is the iconic flower of Tunisia that represents purity and sweetness of life.

What do you see for the future of Camélia Scent?
For Camélia Scent, we are expanding the points of sales like recently, we have a new client from Algeria, in Oran more precisely. Regarding our products, we try to create a new product each season; the last product is a room diffuser.

According to you, what symbol of Tunisian culture predominates?
Handicraft. One of our candle collection is made from hammered copper, one of the techniques of Tunisian craftsmanship. Copper is bought then worked by a few craftsmen to obtain the finished product.

Tunisia in a word …
Happiness! Thanks to the sun 8 months out of 12 … Also, the conviviality of the people, the happiness of being surrounded our loved ones. Tunisia is also a mix of tradition and modernity; a good balance for us young people.

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