Binetna Interview : Mourad, the friendly foodie

Binetna Interview : Mourad, the friendly foodie

Friendly and a big fan of good food, Mourad has a flair worthy of a gourmet. He makes us discover the flavors of his native Tunisia through its products Kémia. Thus, he offers condiment pots to enjoy as tapas!

How did you get that passion for food?
From my grandmother first. She was a very good cook and I loved her so much that I did not let her go for a second when she was eating. Then, as an entrepreneur, I think it was my father who passed on this passion. He also worked in the food industry.

How would you describe Tunisian food?
Aromatic, tasty, rich and authentic.



Among the cities you visited in Tunisia, which city do you prefer? 
Tunis, because it’s my hometown and because the Tunisian cuisine is so rich, so diversified. It is the witness of our gastronomic heritage and the different civilizations and cultures that have succeeded one another.



Do you prefer tuna pizza or fricassee?
I would say both. Fricasse because it’s so good! This little-fried sandwich is typically Tunisian (we can not find it anywhere else), but also tuna pizza because it is more accessible and easy to do when you are in a hurry.



A good address in Montreal for a Tunisian atmosphere?
I admit that don’t know much places… It’s probably not for the atmosphere, but I like the food at La Corniche, on the boulevard Saint-Laurent in Little Italy. I think it’s authentically Tunisian and good. It’s good to take take-out or eat dishes that unfortunately I do not always have time to do: mloukhya, couscous with lamb or octopus, brik, mechouia salad, djerbien rice, and other delicacies from home …



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