The word Binetna mment




mes from Arabic and means “between us”. Above all, it refers to my relationship with North African culture through its inclusion and its relation to others. This word is also a link between the three countries and which the boutique will represent their products.
Algeria | Morocco | Tunisia

Crafts are a strong link in the culture and history of all countries. My interest in focusing on objects from North Africa is the richness behind each object. We all recognize the Berber carpet of Morocco with its vibrant colors. But what do the geometric symbols mean on the carpet? How was the method preserved if the Berbers communicated only orally?

So I had plenty of questions in my head when I went to meet the craftsmen and craftswomen. Some have preserved the traditional methods of making objects while others have reinvented the know-how by borrowing a contemporary vision of the craft.

I wish you a nice journey … and above all, be comfortable. We are between us after all!