5 happy treats to try in North Africa

5 happy treats to try in North Africa

One thing to take seriously when you travel is to embrace its food culture. For all the sweet tooth out there, North African countries are your dream destination. From street cuisine to an afternoon snack, these treats will definitely make you happy. Trust me!

1. Nougat

Even if you don’t like when it gets all sticky in your mouth, you need to try the nougat simply because there are so many kinds: with sesame, pistachios, peanuts, pistachios & peanuts …

You can find nougat in most of the cities in Morocco (if not all). But I heard that Fez is hard to beat in terms of nougat.

📍Fez Medina


2. Sfenj

Sfenj, also pronounced «chfenj» – maybe it’s just me who call it chfenj – is a doughnut you can find in some kiosks in the streets. In my case, it was in Casablanca, near Casa Port but I’m pretty sure you can find them anywhere (ask the locals). In Tunisia, the equivalent would be the bambalouni which apparently comes from the Italians… You can eat it plain or with jam. With apricot jam it’s just 👌🏽

📍 To eat sfenj
Moulay Hassan I Boulevard
Casablanca, Morocco

📍 To eat bambalouni
Sidi Bou Saïd
Tunis, Tunisia

3. Baghrir

The best invention ever made! Also called the «mille trous» crepe, the baghrir is a crepe with a dough that not everyone masters to do. Made of fine semolina and water, some add a little bit of orange tree flower water to give some taste. How to eat it? With butter and honey! 🍯

📍 Get invited to taste homemade baghrir

4. Tea time

This should be on repeat during your trip. Because when you’ll get back, you’ll regret all the pastries and fresh tea you could’ve had… trust me! So if ever someone invites you for tea, finish the plates of pastries in front of you. It’s handmade so that means pure gold!

📍 Sirocco D’Amour
Marrakesh, Morocco

5. Fresh pastries

Forget your super healthy smoothie breakfast while you’re visiting the Maghreb. Just the smell, when you wake up, will give you the urge to get some fresh pastries. Plus, it’s so not expensive. You can easily turn fat at the end of your trip. But a happy fat! 🙃 I recommend to balance it with some orange juice.

📍 Pâtisserie Sacré Coeur
119, rue Didouche Mourad
Alger, Algérie

Anything else to add?